Portes Mordelaises Project for the city walls of Rennes

Urban palimpsest

The Portes Mordelaises and the walls associated with it until the place Foch and the Vilaine River are the last vestiges of the Roman and medieval enclosure of Rennes. The main purpose of the project we are developing here is a work on the palimpsest of the city of Rennes.

On the way to choose a site, a geography to settle down

The main vestiges of the first medieval enclosure which persist today, occupy precisely this situation of confluence. It is from this situation that arises not only the shape of the wall, but also the positioning of the Portes Mordelaises, as well as a large part of the form of the city of today.

Four planning principles for an overall project

1. A sequence of the public spaces: Towards an urban project 2. A large urban promenade that ensures continuity 3. To restore the scale of the wall and the castle, its historical thickness and its relation to the Vilaine 4. Urban seaming

City of Rennes
1 Rue des Portes Mordelaises, 35000 Rennes - 48° 6'42.96"N - 1°41'5.74"O
Project management City of Rennes-Infrastructure Department - Landscape design Atelier de Paysages BRUEL-DELMAR
Budget / Area
3 400 000 € / 8 000 m2
2014 - 2019