Paris-Saclay Campus- Plateau/valley links

How to combine protection of a natural site and comfort of use. The example by the project of these 2 connections inscribed in the geography of the Saclay plateau.

The wooded hillside of Orsay/Gif sur Yvette, classified and protected in several respects, was in the process of degradation due to the spontaneous routes crossing it to join the RER station to the Paris-Saclay campus on the ZAC de Moulon. To protect this heritage and allow the large number of researchers and students to join the different poles separated by this geography, the project of several links has been implemented. As close as possible to the topography, without cutting down a single tree, the paths borrow from the vocabulary of sandstone cobblestones, metal platforms crossing the steepest slopes and prefabricated concrete steps allowing an intervention that respects this environment. Bringing a real comfort of use, these connections thereby avoid the prejudicial trampling of the trees and the quality of the undergrowth and its loose and living soil.

Light design : Scène publique Photography : Jean-Christophe Ballot

Établissement public Paris-Saclay
48°42'28.72"N / 2° 9'57.25"E
germe & JAM, Artelia, Scène Publique
2022 - 2023