Nantes North - Global project

"La Chézine, qui coule du nord-ouest vers le coeur de Nantes, y fait pénétrer avec elle le long de son lit une traînée verte et humide qui disjoint la mosaïque des pâtés de maisons et se prolonge..."

Julien Gracq, La forme d'une ville, 1990

The identity of the city of Nantes, its shape, its specificity are directly stem from the dual device of the valleys and their infrastructural counterpoint on the crests. It is still possible to relate the north neighborhood of Nantes (Bout des Pavés and Chêne des Anglais) to this device that makes the city's identity.

The urban project offers to amplify the green star and thus to hang up the north neighborhoods to the metropolitan territory. To this end a certain number of architectural and landscape devices are suggested then declined by type with the implementation of a located vocabulary for every district, public spaces, architecture and housing.

Complete the Green Star - Hang up the north neighborhood to the metropolitan territory

An amplified hydraulic system - Neighborhoods framework

Amplified park network - The Gesvres furrows

Reinforce the main frameworks

Typology and vocabulary of the planted framework on the territorial scale

A landscape framework for Nantes North

Three ways to inhabit Nantes North, the suburb city, the park city, the garden city

At the neighborhoods scale - the Bout des Pavés and the Chêne des Anglais

An amplified hydraulic system: neighborhoods framework

Find back the sites, the biodiversity, the heat islands

A park system and a large promenade leisure support

Urban continuity and transversality

Typology and vocabulary on the housing scale

From street to street, the buildings are included in a planted system

Typologies and vocabulary on the parcel scale

Loire Océan Métropole Aménagement
Neighborhoods of Bout des Pavés and Chêne des Anglais
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