Urban study of the Octroi island in Rennes

Construct the confluence of the Ile and the Vilaine in five principles

About the territory, its identity and its diversity 
The Octroi islet is an opportunity to find back the relationship between the city and its river, surprisingly absent here in Rennes, at the precise point of its foundation: the Confluence.
This study prefigures the urban Project of Rennes 2030 and must demonstrate that this link can be regained, from the city scale, to the neighborhoods, the public spaces, to the dwellings.
Realized as part of our mission of landscape council, it has the purpose to define a guide plan for a consultation designer-promoter.

The Octroi islet – confluence of the Ile and Vilaine

Open the city on the Vilaine and the confluence

Delineations and land plot, thickness of the city around the Vilaine river

Develop a strapped land plot perpendicular to the river that defines publics spaces, accesses, and housings typology

A new framework for the city-center – connect the neighborhoods

The sum of the city projects constitutes a new framework for the city-center

Ensure the banks continuity through the city scale – Live on the Vilaine river

Develop uses on water

Transform a closed warehouse...

...in an open café on the Vilaine

The café-theater The Bacchus - Project

City of Rennes
Rue de Lorient, Rennes - 48°06’31.0’’N / 1°41’52.1’’W
Vincen Cornu, Architect
1 ha
2014 - 2019