New Bridge: 'Pont à Fourchon' - Haute Deûle River Banks in Lille

To draw the bridge in Fourchon, that crosses the canal of the Haute Deûle, lift bridge with a metallic structure, is part of the will to replace water in the heart of the neighborhood. The Ateliers de Paysages Bruel-Delmar addresses this artwork, with the engineers Stucky and Venna, as the expression of a continuity of urban practices, a unique occasion to raise awareness of the Haute Deûle plain’s territory, in front of the water garden Leblan-Lafont.

Sketch of a balcony over the Haute Deûle canal

Quai Hegel 59000 Lille - 50°37’52.66’’N / 3°1’19.58’’E
G.Pilet, Lighting designer - Venna Ingénierie & Vantellerie (lift bridge) - Stucky, Consulting engineer hydrology & concrete structure (lift bridge)
Budget / Area
2 600 000 € / 461 m2
2011 - 2012
Urban Development Prize - 2010