Urban-agriculture District Doulon-Gohards in Nantes

Doulon-Gohards: Operational studies and the first phase of work are ongoing

On former gardening territories at the East of Nantes, in periphery of Vieux Doulon, the urban project Doulon-Gohards will develop on 180 hectares. Last June 22th, a public meeting has ended the dialog phase, prior to the creation of the ZAC (joint development zone). About 75 inhabitants, from Nantes and St Luce, have participated to define, in the past six month, the main lines of the urban project, side by side with the general contractor team: In Situ A&E office and the Atelier de paysages Bruel-Delmar.

The greenhouse of the Alouette rit farm

The greenhouse of the Alouette rit farm

The work in progress rue de la Papotière - May 2023

First footbridge for pedestrians and cycles rue de la Papotière

Nantes Métropole Aménagement
Rue de la Papotière, Nantes - 47°14’23.00’’N / 1°29'51.57’’O
INSITU A&E, Urbanist - Study Group Nicolet, Roads and networks
180 ha
2018 - 2023