Urban Planning Rennes 2030

Within the city of Rennes, as consultant landscaper, we have conducted a study for the space definition of the urban project and morphological orientations. This research relies on geomorphological qualities of the city and the logics of its genesis, its development and its capacities of urban development that can sign up in those bases.

I / A territory project around the three valleys of Rennes

The Vilaine, two tributaries, three ways to live in Rennes

The Vilaine, the Ile and the Blosne

Center the urban project around the Vilaine, the Ile and the Blosne

The Vilaine’s valley

The Vilaine: cliff road and project situations

The Ille’s valley

The Ille: claim the main river and the banks continuity

The Blosne’s valley and the confluence with the Vilaine

II / Develop in thickness the valley’s system


The Armorique Boulevard and the Ile’s valley

Boulevard of Vitré, Beaulieu, Baud-Chardonnet and the ZI south-east

Network of parks

Forest of Rennes and the talwegs

Urban project Rennes 2030: Synthesis

City of Rennes
Rennes - 48°7’2.16’’N / 1°40’40.05’’O
Vincen Cornu, Architect
5 056 ha
2015 - 2016