Geomorphology of the metropolitan region of Rennes

Geomorphological study and territorial and urban strategy for the metropolitan region of Rennes

Nowadays, cities are metropolis made of 75 percent of empty space.

Based on the observation that urban planning layouts often tend to erase the reading of the territory, we bet here on a form of essentialism, in the original meaning of the word, that is, on what is the foundation of the identity of the metropolis of Rennes. The latter makes it possible to bring together the metropolis, namely its geography, the palimpsest which is anchored in it, and to make society in Rennes. It is therefore much more than the site that is claimed here, it is the territory which brings things together in a single place to draw from it different qualities of life. It is an attitude in which anyone can recognize it, consider it, develop and redesign it in his own way. It is therefore a manner of opening the territory to everyone to enable a way to live together.

This is the goal of the study “Geomorphology” to renew the PLUI.

Metropolitan arborescence, a new framework

The big landscape units, a metropolitan development tool

To unify things in a same place to draw from them the different qualities of life: a reactivated framework

From the town center to the site-specific archipelago city

To reactivate a local road network

To organize the metropolitan mobility

The Rennes basin: Metropolitan project

A method to settle the metropolitan project: a territory project around the seven valleys of Rennes

City of Rennes
Rennes - 48°06’53’’N / 1°40’46’’O
Vincen Cornu, Architect
70 400 ha
2014 - 2015