Morinais new district - The heart of residential Islets

Residential gardened areas, crossed by pedestrian walks, in order to become places to live in and to share

The Atelier de paysages Bruel-Delmar is intervened in many residential islets in order to ensure pedestrian continuities and to collect runoff waters in the collective spaces. The preservation of large hedges of bocage and the creation of shared spaces of life have been promoted.

Island 2 - Shopping center

Sponsors: City of St Jacques / Espacil / Arc Promotion - Architects: Pranlas Descours / Barthelemy Grino

In the shopping center islet, two gardens face each other and complement one another. One on the terrace, perched, where fruit trees are irrigated by a canal, in shape of a water table, the other in open ground, restricted by a haha which collect rainwaters by means of ridges.

WHAT DEVICE FOR A GARDEN ON A SCREED? Far from slavish pastiches or from a useless search of contemporary expression, this garden represents the immerse fragment of an urban and landscape project, of which it would be a kind of atypical prototype. It integrates in that way the question of the garden in its relation to the housings, the architecture, the islet, in its inscription in the neighborhood, to the urban project and to the landscape. Thus, it extends until the smallest details, the topics developed in various scales without denying its nature, the screed. Tree principles are executed: - The soil thickness allowing the crops sustainability, the planning of the garden and its structural impacts. – The watering; The water stocks being restricted, we suggest the building of an irrigation canal. – The screed; The garden device is given by its orientation towards West, where a leap on the screed allows to read the soil thickness. Some jars set this structural appearance.



Rain water is collected in the Haha which writes the public space limit

Island 1

Sponsors: City of St Jacques / SA H.L.M - Architects: Pranlas Descrours / Paul Poirier

Island 3 - EPI

Sponsors: City of St Jacques / OPAC 35 - Architect: Vincen Cornu

The school yard

Island 9 - College

Sponsors: City of St Jacques / Marignan - Architects: Galiano, Simon

Island 11 - The village du Haut-Bois

Sponsors: OPAC 35, Arc Promotion II - Architects: Jean & Aline Harari

A pedestrian block

Islands 14/15 – St Jacques’ alleys

Sponsors: OPAC 35, Arc Promotion – Architect: Christian Devillers

Islands 16-17 - Citadines

Sponsors: COOP Habitat - CITA architects

Island 18

Sponsors: Lamotte / OPAC 35 - Architects: CRAS

Island 19

Architect: J.P. Crusson

Island 20 - Park villas

Sponsors: OCDL Groupe Giboire - Architect: J.P. Crusson

An open block connected to the park

City of Saint-Jacques, Arc Promotion, OPAC 35, other developer
Morinais District, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande - 48°4’56.22’’N / 1°42’49.37’’O
1995 - 2013