Lochy Park in Marne-la-Vallée

An ecological park in the Lochy Valley. An authentic landscape next to Eurodisney.

Lochy Park in Magny-le-Hongre, which bears witness to agriculture confronted with the extension of the new town of Marne-la-Vallée, positions itself in this interspace of geography and urban development without letting one thing prevail to the detriment of the other. The project is situated between these two ends and the territory is considered in the transformation of the foundations and the permanence of the site. It offers to transform the parcels of fields without losing their soul and to create a place on another scale to make it habitable, in a spirit of substitution rather than of conservation.

This revealed geography concentrates attention again on a landscape, the distant landscape of the Grand Morin valley, and gives the park and the village back their place in the territory. The plant dynamic is activated by the creation of favorable conditions for the establishment of ecosystems that, with time and space, will find their place.

THE REVEALED VALLEY; Sight line toward the Grand Morin Valley

The work hangs essentially on two geographical axes inscribed in the topography and the hydrographic of this small valley: the installation of terraces on the north-south edges of the forested part or of built features such as the east-west oriented sills that enhance the appearance of the stream.

The park thus develops different relationships with water from its source in the village to the retention basins downstream:

  •  The brook is restored to its course and supplied naturally.
  • The “causeways” allow for micro-damns favorable to the “construction” of a new biodiversity. 
  • The rainwater retention basin downstream fits in with the geometry of the territory of the valley through a gabioned dyke.

THE TERRACES, consolidation of the border and balcony overlooking the valley

THE LOCHY RIVER: Revealing, protecting, enriching

San Val d’Europe, Epafrance
Magny-le-Hongre - 48°51’56.06’’N / 2°49’0.25’’E
Confluences, Hydraulic & ecological engineering
Budget / Area
1 800 000 € / 29 ha
2005 - 2009