Garden of the Castle of Talcy

In the valley de la Loire, the recreation of a vegetable and orchard garden between the castle and its territory

The garden's food growing ambition has been reactivated regarding the site's levels. This six acres wide's enclosure was organized in order to restore spatial links between backyard, fruit garden, vegetable garden, flowerbeds and regular garden.

The regional fruit garden species and tree forming orchard has been planted with withstanding exposure trees, or trained ones, using ancient techniques and forms.

Talcy's gardens place the castle and its domain in the Small Beauce's territory, regarding landscape as a manner to link both the village, castle and park.

20 years later

Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the region Centre
Château de Talcy, Talcy - 47°46’9.40’’N / 1°26’38.84’’E
P. Ponsot, Head architect at Monuments Historiques - J. Weill, Landscape Architect DPLG
Budget / Area
397 000 € / 3 ha
Historic Monument 2005 - Awarded "Outstanding Gardens" 2005