Downstream gate dams on the Cher River

Revelation of the territory and heritage interpretation of 4 downstream gate dams channeled on the Cher River

The work of modernization of the downstream gate dams on the Cher River answers both technical issues, security and the will of a new orientation for the river, with a touristic vocation. Indeed, the development of tourism around the Cher river, mainly around patrimonial values, aims today to emphasize the exceptional environmental framework provided by the valley.

The question of territoriality is crucial because of the increasing number of works spread along the river bed, answering a common vocabulary.

Hence this planning is an outstanding case of “Masterpiece” of the XIXth century in the same manner as the huge channels that punctuate the French landscape.

Needle dams

Demonstration of the functioning of a needle dam

Mechanization system of the needles on the Saint Aignan dam


Rehabilitation of the dams

The project of rehabilitation of the Cher dams offers the restoration of a certain number of works and the creation of new dams instead of those existing, in the architectural and environmental continuity of each of them.

The river banks are organized in the same geometry as the existing works and in the continuity of the parcels of land and of the territory compositions

Different parts of the rehabilitated dams:

The lock keeper house of Chissay

Movable threshold - Fixed threshold

For some dams the needles have been replaced by drum gates particularly appropriate to the large length of the fixed threshold and to the low drop.

They allow a precise regulation of the water upstream to ease the navigation, in keeping with the water law.

Technical section of a drum gate

Stairs on the river banks

The creation of a dock on the left bank in a geometry close to the one existing on the right bank, and with an identical typology with a high riprap, low bank and stairs, allowing new uses for the river.

Fish pass

With a stack articulated in the way of the existing locks

Canoe Pass

Intercommunal union of the Cher channeled in Loire-et-Cher
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