Gennevilliers Port Arboretum



The Port of Gennevilliers, scheduled in 1934 by the architect Henri Prost, is with its 380 hectares the largest French river port and the second European.
Following the urban general contractor consultation, the project has been achieved to reorganize the Port reflecting the new logistics, in order to optimize its property while finding a balance between harbor activity, its opening on the city and the arrival of the subway.

Breakwaters and docks organize the harbor territory and extend themselves until the A86 highway and the city. The docks’ unclogging allows a wide opening on the landscape and organizes the industrialized yards.

The harbor road is retrofitted as a side-bank in a large urban Promenade

The arboretum ensures a continuity of the soft ways on the department’s scale.

A swales’ system introduces a vegetation of riparian forest, endemic from the Seine’s valley and creates water floods expansion areas

Autonomous Port of Paris
Route du Port 92230 Gennevilliers - 48°56’29.8’’N / 2°17’41.4’’E
O. Decq & B. Cornette, Architects
Budget / Area
400 000 € / 14 ha