South interior Boulevards in Amiens

Reinstating a promenade beginning and ending at the Somme and carrying out a “stitching” role between the center and the suburbs.

The development project for the south interior boulevards in Amiens aims to reestablish an urban coherence through densification and the creation of a promenade along the length of the boulevards, following a model often employed in the redevelopment of old fortifications.

The new cross-section of the boulevard is maintained along its entire length. It consolidates the place given to walking by the addition of wide planted pavements, putting back the rows of monumental trees, generous central reservations and a dedicated space for the public transport line that is shared with non-motorized traffic. This cross-section has been established to prevent, as far as possible, the “over specialization” of the public space and the functional segregation that this brings about.

Amiens Aménagement
Boulevard de Belfort, AMIENS - 9°53’19.14’’N / 2°18’17.84’’E
J&A Harari, Architects - Progexial, Roads and networks - ETC Massé, Traffic - G.Pilet, Lighting designer.
Budget / Area
5 800 000 € / 2 km
2005 - 2010