Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle

Pampelonne beach stretches over a distance of 4.5 km at Ramatuelle, not far from Saint Tropez. The project considers the whole territory, rebuilding the dunes, an opening frontier between two elements of the landscape.

The laying of vertical slat fencing and sand traps, blown by the wind, as well as the reintroduction of an endemic flora, have allowed the establishment and the renewal of an ecological dynamic.

This beach stretches along 4.5km south of Saint-Tropez. It is organized taking in account the territory’s thickness, and the presence of five rivers and five accesses, around which are the parking spaces.

City of Ramatuelle
Pampelonne Beach, route de Bonne Terrasse - 43°13’0.30’’N / 6°39’43.15’’E
Prof. Lavagne, Dune system ecology
Budget / Area
3 000 000 € / 5 km
1994 - 1995