Haute Deûle River Banks sustainable district in Lille

The development of the sustainable district of the Haute Deûle River Banks, associated to Euratechnologies TIC center, leans on recognition of water as an element of its foundation and its redevelopment but also on the memory of the industrial past expressed in the new public spaces.

The presence of water is undeniable, as much in the history of this quarter as in its present-day configuration, despite a loss of recognition. The project for the banks of the Haute Deûle leans on the traces of this memory in order to apply itself to a continuity in the identity of inhabited places, and at the same time to revitalize this expression of federating water in the new development.

The water garden, water management and phytoremediation

The water garden, which plays the role of storage and of phytoremideator, evolves with the rhythm of rain and becomes the emblematic place for this work with water. Its vegetation improves every year and the natural seeds of young willow trees contribute to the establishment of a dynamic ecosystem.

The 'South Lawn' - Park and public stage

The project brings the center of excellence Euratechnologies together with the public spaces that border it, the large lawn and the water garden in the south, the old dance hall and the Bretagne Square to the north. An interactivity and a complementarity are created between the building dedicated to hi-tech companies and the public spaces open to the larger audience.

The Haute Deûle canal and the bridge so called 'Pont à Fourchon', a lift bridge as a new link

The new moveable bridge crosses the Bras de Canteleu to ensure the link with the island of Bois Blancs and allows the waterway to rediscover the central role that it must play in the organization of the quarter.

The canals collecting rainwater, water in the center of public spaces

The square of Bretagne and the esplanade of Euratechnologies

The development of the banks of the Haute Deûle offers an extraordinary opportunity for the requalification of the public spaces of the Lomme Marsh and manages to allow a new quality of service without, however, depriving this quarter of the character and charm that reside in the proportions of the streets bordered with workers’ houses.

A parkway to link with the district of 'le marais' in Lomme

The new Avenue of the Willows is a 'parkway' between "Euratechnologies" and the district of le Marais in Lomme.

Pedestrian ways; a domestic landscape vegetated

Pedestrian paths of avenue des Saules and the park of the Lomme neighborhood

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Soreli for the cities of Lille and Lomme and the urban community LMCU
Quai Hegel,Lille - 50°37’52.25’’N / 3°1’17.13’’E
Profil Ingénierie, Roads and networks - G.Pilet, Lighting designer - Agh, High flow - Venna Ingénierie & Vantellerie (lift bridge) - Stucky, Consulting engineer hydrology & concrete structure (lift bridge) - Pranlas Descours, Town planner
Budget / Area
28 000 000 € / 25 ha
2005 - 2017
Sustainable district 2009 special price for the rain-water treatment - Urban Development Prize 2010 - National Ecodistrict Label 2013