Wooden Garages in Lomme

Attentive to citizens' demands, we have designed for some of them, to replace old pre-fabricated garages that had to be demolished, a wooden frame construction, thought as garden pavilion.

The substitution of 6 old prefabricated garages was the opportunity to build the first wooden construction in the eco-district of Haute Deûle River Banks in Lille. Thought such as a garden kiosk, it contains 6 garages and an electric transformer.

This shelter’s principle is simple, that of an external shell, private, in the form of two opaque boxes. In the center, the collective space and the visual permeability are shown by a vertical wall cladding.

Air and light intake in the upper part.

Rue Winston Churchill 59160 Lomme - 50°37’58.30’’N / 3°1’2.13’’E
Tec Bois, Wooden structure
Budget / Area
130 000 € / 235 m2