Pavé Blanc Social-housing in Clamart

This Social housing residence is located on a very particular historical and geographical site. The 'Meudon Axis' designed by the famous royal gardener Le Nôtre, crosses the valley and links this residence with its territory heritage.

The project extends Le Nôtre axis, redirects the Pavé Blanc neighborhood and prepares the tramway’s arrival

The neighborhood redevelopment must answer two mains objectives:

  • Inscribe it in continuity with the landscape and the urban fabric of Clamart, in development, as well as by a requalification of outside spaces.
  • Enhance the value of habitability by a new residential offer.

The Le Nôtre Axis is extended in its territorial cohesion allowing to regain a continuity between the Meudon Wood and the new tramway access. It reorganizes the road framework to give it a new urban visibility, allow the reorganization of the social housing, the parking lots, while welcoming new dwellings.

The extended Le Nôtre axis reorganizes the neighborhood

The main central mail in the heart of the residence, cleared from parking lots, is transformed into a garden, promenade linking the housings, neighborhoods, shops and tramway.

It allows to develop spaces of relaxation and conviviality

New playgrounds in a pedestrian surrounding where cars have been removed.

…and allows to find back festive spaces and of entertainment in the main central Mall

Alleyways serve from the “Le Nôtre axis” the central large mail and the dwelings

The heart of the residence is from now on a pedestrian space. The swales collecting rainwater allow a natural irrigation of the planted surfaces and accompany the alleys.

The planted alleyways and the rainwater ditches to create a pedestrian scaled environment at the base of lodgings, between courtyards and gardens.

The rainwater ditches distance the housings and their privacy

Questions about sustainable development and creation of a way of life where the vegetation takes such an important part, brings pleasure and an oasis of freshness in this residence of public houses.

Immobilière 3F
Route du Pavé Blanc,CLAMART - 48°47’9.31’’N / 2°14’10.71’’E
Pranlas-Descours, Architect - Tugec, Roads and networks
Budget / Area
4 800 000 € / 5 ha
2009 - 2015