Pierre Lagravère Park in Colombes

In keeping with the ancient 'Île Marante' in Colombes, the Park Lagravère finds its place back in the territory of the Seine Valley. A kind of expression of the 'Grand Paris'.

Magnifying the Seine river and conquering its banks

Ensure the continuity of the river banks on a departmental scale.

Claim the relation city-park, reorganize the access and uses from the surrounding neighborhoods

Departemental Board of Hauts-de-Seine
Park Pierre Lagravère, Colombes - 48°55’12.66’’N / 2°13’19.10’’E
Progexial, Roads and networks - Néoprism, Geotechnical - Aliséa, Ecology
Budget / Area
12 400 000 € / 18 ha
2004 - 2017