Bottière-Chênaie ecodistrict in Nantes - Park & Public Spaces

Our work for the Bottière Chênaie eco-district aims to express the attributes of the former agricultural occupation in order to anchor the project in the site, to position it as a single place. The new urban frame, the park and the public spaces are in keeping with the framework of parcels. In a spirit of sedimentation, the new script is drawn over the lines of the existing walls.


The Commandant Cousteau plazza and the 'foot-bath' of raining water


Streets and ditches

The streets complete this singular work and mixt collecting ditch for rainwater and concrete path shared between pedestrian, cycles and cars. Under the windows of the new houses the public spaces are though occupied at more than 50% by vegetation that contribute to low down the local warming due to global warming…and bring a new ecological landscape in this eco-district.

The park and the Gohards stream

The stream finds back his bed open air and animate the neighborhood life

An urban park that goes hand in hand with and balances the new densities. His mainly indigenous vegetation will contribute to the expression of a nature regained.

There are numerous traces of Man's understanding of the site in the past. Among them, several reservoirs that stocked water for watering, linked to wells, remain and form part of the identity of the place. In addition to preserving and restoring some of them, we plan to use wind-turbines to revitalize the provision of water for the future allotments and the park.

The community vegetable gardens

The collection of rainwater expresses the geography of this site. Ditches, canals and channels give meaning and direction to the public spaces

The Haroun Tazieff mall and the rain-water canal

The south park and its rainwater basin

The ‘companions' basin

The watertank square

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How to combine density and nature in cities?

Should we build the city in the countryside or admit nature in the city?

Bottière-Chênaie offers on 30 hectares to create an entire neighborhood organized around the square Cousteau’s central position, on the side of the road of Ste Luce, that enters East Nantes’ city center. Support the construction of 3 000 housings with the creation of public spaces inscribed in old farms plots. Propose spaces to share where vegetation enjoys swales and basins, according to the challenges of urban biodiversity and refreshment.

The North park sees the reopening of the Gohards stream, that becomes the spirit of this new neighborhood.

The neighborhood extended to the North-West, has crossed since 2005 the road of Ste Luce to the South-East toward the old borough of Vieux-Doulon. The South park display meadows, old walls and the groves from the old agricultural weft, counterpoint of the higher elevation of the surrounding buildings.

In 2018 those outside spaces are completed but not the planning of the neighborhood, flirting with pleasure with this new kind of city.

Nantes Métropole Aménagement
Place du Commandant Cousteau, Nantes - 47°14’24.21’’N / 1°30’47.82’’O
Pranlas-Descours, Urban planner - SCE, Roads and networks - Confluences, Water managment
Budget / Area
22 000 000 € / 30 ha
2005 - 2018
Eco-District 2009 - Graduated 1° Price for URBAN ART – 'Séminaire Robert Auzelle' – 2011 (15°th edition) - Departmental price of urban planning Loire Atlantique 2012 - National Eco-District Label 2013