Corderie urban district, an active park

Between Bourgoin-Jallieu and Grenoble, in St Clair de la Tour, the “communauté de communes” (federation of municipalities) of the Vallons de la Tour creates a new area of activity with a dominant of craft. The will is to presents an exemplary project regarding sustainable development. On this road of the Alpes, along the stream of the Bourbre, the project offers an opportunity for the entire valley to create an “active park”, inscribing the future buildings in a wooden weft.

The Atelier de Paysages Bruel-Delmar and its partners accompany Isère Aménagement and the federation of municipalities of the Vallons de la Tour in an urban project, its commercial implementation during about ten years, as well as the execution of the public spaces. A new bridge will be established on the river Bourbre, inscribing the active park in network weft of the valley.

The issue of sustainable development is approach under several objectives, regarding on one side the constructions and on the other the choice of planning of the public spaces. The park of the Bourbre will allow runoff water infiltration and a principle of phytoremediation is scheduled to ensure the decontamination before restitution towards the groundwaters.

The park of the Bourbre, such as planned in the program, occupies a right of way of 25 meters south of the river axis. In the project the team suggests to extend the park up to the merchant area, and until the rainwater treatment zone of the activity sector. It is the very essence of a project of an “active park”.

Inspired by the alluvial afforestation readable on the ‘Carte d’État-Major’ (historical French map, made during the XIXth century); the inhabit park allows to create a true landscape, inscribed in the geography and able to offer a consistency to the whole and a pleasant way of life. It is inside this park that will settle in the buildings, accesses and parking lots, allowing to manage the issues of enclosures, technical areas and ensuring permeable spaces for the handling of storm water and their infiltration.

The schedule:

- A park along the Bourbre

- 10.000m² for craft activities

- 90 housings

- 19.000m² of merchant activities

Isère Aménagement
Route du Gaï, 38110 St Clair de la Tour - 45°34'9.59"N - 5°27'32.52"E
Phillipe Villien, Urban planner - Girus, Roads and networks - Trajeo, Mobility
Budget / Area
2 700 000 € / 12 ha
2014 - 2024