Ecological park in St Jacques

Nested in a small valley, this 40-hectare piece of hybrid nature, with traces of agricultural practice and a dynamic of renaturalisation, helps to integrate the forested landscape of la Vilaine with the city of Rennes.

The artificial reedbed, phytoremediation and ecological discovery

The artificial reedbed

Water, being the resource that it is, forms the shapes of the park and asserts its presence on all scales. The formation of a lake with lines of oak trees, the creation of a reed bed providing phyto-purification of runoff water, and the range of small constructions with thresholds, spaces, and the collection and discharge of water all help to define and reveal this topographical and ecological creation.

Touching the water, crossing the ditches

Managing runof

The willow garden, measuring the ecological dynamic

The meadows, soft managment to increase open environments

The terrasse of the Park, shared space

Designed with the participation of local residents, the park has an open form and is located on the dividing line between neighborhoods. It provides them with smooth connections and strengthens the link between uses and the landscape as a whole.

Renaturation of the former local road

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Ville de Saint Jacques de la Lande
Avenue Jean Marin,St Jacques de la lande - 48° 4'58.59"N-1°42'49.17"O
LM Communiquer, signalétique - Ouest Aménagement, écologie.
Budget / Area
2 300 000 € / 40 ha
2008 - 2015
First Prize for Wet Lands in Urban Situation - 2012