Dam on the river Blavet in Inzinzac-Lochrist

Inzinzac Lochrist's dam fights the waterfloods with the Lochrist and Grand barrage's dams constructions on the Blavet river as well as it improves the living-water state function on the upstream dam site.

La Truchère's dam site is situated in a rich an coherent landscape and ecological system, thus generating an important touristical affluence (waterways, strolls, diners, and resorts). The pictural site has required a intensive care, both in its approach and towards the structures themselves.

Two obvious landscapes could be distinguished : the upstream, and its regulated water plan, offering a viewpoint on the bridge and the downstream, opening towards the Saône's valley, and the bridge's monumentality. The project is based on two axis : underlining the assymetry of the site, in order to enforce the balcony effect of the place, and composing a confidential viewpoint structure from the downstream.

Ville d'Inzinzac Lochrist
Rue du Meunier, Inzinzac-Lochrist, 47°49'17.10"N - 3°15'34.96"O
Stucky, Ingénieur conseils civil engineering & hydraulic system - Venna Ingénierie & Vantellerie
3 000 000 €