Biville quarryPark

Once a wound on the landscape, a disused aggregate quarry in the Clairefontaine valley on The Hague Headland, today, is a public park, with a 3.5 ha lake, 4 ha of embankments and abundant vegetation

On the tip of the Hague, the quarry is situated in an archaic landscape where the distribution of plant typology is directly linked to the topography and the climate: a network of dwarf hedging and dry stone walls crisscrosses the plateau; heathland has colonized the steep slopes, stabilizes the soil and can be seen as a “climax”; the artificial or residual woodland is huddled up against inhabited valleys and undergrowth thrives in the bottoms of the humid valley.

The 450 m longs by 20 m high quarry face bears witness to the area's geological and economic past

In order to prepare the terrain to regain a healthy soil and let time take its course, we had to:

  • Establish a relationship with the landscape and reunite the bottom of the valley and the high meadows through a parceling and a plant typology specific to The Hague.
  • Reintroduce a plant dynamic through seeds capable of recolonizing the ballast and rebuilding the soil.
  • Find a device that could solidify the landscape between the cut facade and the ballast.

Today, the work of the landscape architects is almost forgotten, the quarry has become the Clairefontaine Space, named after its glen, and you can fish here, or play open-air games, take photographs during the “festival days” and set off fireworks from the cut facade.


Commune de Biville
Espace Clairefontain, Biville - 49°37'24.88"N -1°46'39.27"O
. Montégut, écologue - Lucienne Collin, paysagiste
Budget / Area
442 102 € / 9 ha
1989 - 1990